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4 tips to optimize your LinkedIn strategy

February 20, 2020

The following sounds like the leadup to a dumb joke: what do the Kardashians, Facebook, and American democracy all have in common?

The answer isn't a punch line, just an observation: all three feel like permanent, dependable elements of life. They feel like they’re not going anywhere: the Kardashian family will be famous until forever, we’ll be scrolling through life updates and essential oil sales on Facebook until our scrolling thumbs are riddled with arthritis, and America will always be a shining democratic beacon on a hill. (Or will it? Because, you know, it really may not. But we digress!) 

Some of us in social media have that feeling of stasis around LinkedIn as a platform for client campaigns. LinkedIn has been around for years and years. It doesn’t generate the high drama that some of its social media peers do; you certainly don’t hear as many horror stories in the news about it as its pal Facebook. It’s chugging along like always—worth a scroll for industry updates and excellent reading material. 

And even though LinkedIn has an enormous user base—660 million users as of November—sometimes it doesn’t always the same strategic love as other channels, especially for brands that are B2C-focused.

But it should! And we’d argue that, if it’s been awhile since you optimized your brand’s LinkedIn strategy, now is a good time to do it. And we’ve got some tips on how to do just that. 

  • Share longer captions that share useful information. With 1,300 characters available, utilize that space to share a tidbit of information to draw readers in. LinkedIn’s usership is made up of professionals with impressive attention spans! Give them more info to complement the links you’re sharing—establishing yourself as a great resource for those in your field. 
  • Encourage employees to become active users and engagers of the organization. Just like the ‘Gram, brands need to tap their internal sources—AKA their employees—to become their online champions. It helps that being active on LinkedIn is also good for your employees’ own careers and public personas. If you make that case to them, their LinkedIn posts will help tell the story of your brand through the eyes of those closest to it. 
  • Post links that exhibit the many facets of your brand. Posting relevant articles on LinkedIn can help brands establish themselves as leaders in their field. But given the platform’s strength as a recruiting tool, be sure to expand beyond the obvious industry topics to showcase your brand’s company culture and personality, too. Addressing the many facets of your company—maybe, for example, stories about HR or your target demographic or the neighborhood that your company is located in—can be an important tool for showing that brand personality off when potential new employees or partners are scrolling through. 
  • Look for opportunities to tag - brands and hashtags - when possible. Be strategic about it. Just like on Instagram, the goal is to tap into a "niche" audience. Humble Tag™ about your recent collab with a brand. Give credit to the person through whose LinkedIn page you found the article you’re posting. Shoutout others in the industry who are doing cool things. Efforts like this will help get your post in front of new LinkedIn users. 

Have you optimized your LinkedIn lately?