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4 tips for making your content go further

March 14, 2019

As content creators on behalf of our clients, we understand the time it takes to make interesting content that will drive clicks and engagement. (Spoiler alert: it takes a lot of time.)

So once you’ve made that content—whether it’s imagery for social media, blog posts, bylined content on sites like Medium or news outlets, infographics, or podcast content—it’s worth repurposing it across other channels. Hashtag work smart not hard.

  1. Publish content across all relevant platforms. This is the obvious one. You’re taking the time to write a blog post. Might as well make that content go further. Post it to your relevant social media channels. Include it in your eblast. If it’s a data-heavy topic, create an infographic that you can post in the future to point back toward your blog post. And you don’t have to blitz your audiences with this content on the same day. Instead, spread out the posting to continually remind those people who haven’t read the post to do so. Depending on the audience, it may be helpful to change the headline a bit.
  2. Package stats into infographics. Your case studies and client reports are bursting with data; the next step is to drop them into a well-designed infographic for social media and eblasts. Make sure to ask permission from the client and blur out identifying details before posting.
  3. Get granular in a series. Let’s say you wrote a blog post about the trend your PR agency has noticed in brands asking for influencer campaigns as a greater portion of their marketing mix. You speak anecdotally about your own agency’s clients as well as linking to a PRSA blog post. That’s a great start, and you can build from there, creating specific blog posts and social content that gets deeper into the trend. How does that trend look across industries; are B2B brands diving into influencer marketing as strongly as consumer-facing brands? Are influencer marketing dollars as well-spent as PR dollars? (This one has legs as an infographic, too.) What sizes of influencers garner the most engagement and drive the most traffic? What’s the best way for brands to measure the success of their influencer campaigns? All of these related topics can stand on their own as blog content, an Instagram Stories series, infographics, or expert positioning pieces. And you can use that initial piece of content as the lead-in to each piece.
  4. Extend the life of videos. Well-edited videos have a long shelf life. Of course you know by now to post on social media and include in eblasts and on your blog. But you can splice that 3 to 5 minute video down into multiple shorter videos to periodically post across social media. Extra points for creating a GIF!

How else do you make your content go further?