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Currently: Our top 5 social tools

September 7, 2018

FACT: Smart people like things that make our lives and our jobs easier. That’s one of the great benefits of technology: it has the power to make our everyday tasks more efficient. (See: washing machine; Postmates.)

So of course our social team has a few favorite tools that make managing client social channels more efficient—like having a digital assistant. In turn, that gives us more time to do the really fun, human stuff, like creating content and engaging with followers. Check our top 5 below: 

—Lightroom CC. The tool allows users to save photo presets to make editing more efficient and make sure aesthetic and tone are consistent throughout a social feed.

—UNUM for Instagram. This app helps with visual feed planning (including drag and drop to help visualize how specific images would look on the feed)—which is extremely helpful when building out client social media plans. UNUM also features scheduling reminders.

—Feedly. “Feedly FOREVER for content curation.” —Megan Heileman, Sprocket social strategist. AKA: Users in Feedly choose relevant topics, then the platform serves stories related to those topics. It’s tremendously helpful and efficient in identifying relevant content.

—Sprout Social. Yes, it’s an OG social tool. But its Instagram Scheduler is really the first reliable tool for scheduling Instagram content. And one of our social team members mentioned the Sprout message tool—a tool for quick community management without having to switch between personal and business accounts. There is little room for error and a checkmarking function to complete the task. #TypeAinagoodway

—LinkedIn. Another OG – but the LinkedIn feed is getting much better functionality and can’t be beat when trying to target people based on their job and expertise. It’s also a great place to find influencers.

What would you add to the list?


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