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Sprocket's list of not-to-miss podcasts

February 13, 2020

In a world of endless online content, it can be tough to narrow down what’s worth consuming. Finding articles and podcasts worthy of your time can feel eerily similar to the “what movie should we watch?” game. You know the one: you and your friend scroll endlessly in search of a movie, watch dozens of trailers and decide against every one until it’s time for one of you to go home. 

So much content is so bad. After all, we live in a meme-loving culture that loves mindless entertainment and often elevates those without any discernible talent or charisma (those of you in #BachelorNation should recognize this concept—sorry not sorry for dropping that truth bomb.) 

But there’s also so much fantastic content out there—some well-established, some waiting to be discovered. So, instead of spending three hours in Apple podcasts, we recently picked our team’s brains for their favorite of a specific kind of content: podcasts. 

Yes, it’s 2020, and yes, many, many smart people have been listening to great podcasts for years. But if you’re like some of our team, you haven’t optimized your podcast list. This is for you.

  • Social strategist Erica Younkin enjoys Girlboss Radio, which covers topics including business, finance, and wellness, all targeted to a female audience. The Girlboss empire was founded by Sophia Amoruso, famed founder of NastyGal. (BTW, Girlboss was just acquired by Attention Capital—proof of Amoruso’s chops as a businessperson.)
  • PR Strategist Abby Hagstrom likes NPR’s classic podcast How I Built This. The podcast features big time marketers and businesspeople as interviewees; recent guests include the founders of JetBlue Airways, Wikipedia, and Spindrift, which, ya know, are companies you might have heard of. 
  • Account Executive Kiana Staton put us on to Wait, Is This Thing On?, a new podcast led by five Denver-based women. The pod centers around community and curiosity, and already has featured as guests entrepreneur Sarabeth Berk and Jane Burke, Senior Curatorial Assistant at the Denver Art Museum. 
  • Operations Strategist Kate Moser Miller is a fan of The Business of Hype from Hypebeast, which features interviews with prominent entrepreneurs, often in the fashion industry. The interviews provide an interesting look inside at how marketing operates in an industry that so many of us love and watch from the outside. Highly recommend the recent pod with accessories designer Aurora James. 
  • The Science of Social Media from Buffer is a fantastic resource for social media marketers. The pod gets in the weeds about topics such as data and analytics, industry changes, and influencer campaigns—making it a great weekly listen for industry pros. 
  • We would be remiss if we didn’t mention the Spin Sucks Podcast. We’ve been dedicated readers of Spin Sucks for years, and the podcast is a great way to brush up on industry trends on our way to work. 
  • BONUS: Sprocket President Aubrey Gordon is a big fan of Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert, which really has nothing to do with our industry, but has great interviews. 

What are your not-to-miss podcasts?