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EAT / WATCH / READ: almost-summer edition

May 31, 2019

It’s that time again - time for another edition of EATA/WATCH/READ! Check out what our extremely hip team is eating, watching and reading as we head into summer.

“I'm in Elizabeth Holmes land: reading Bad Blood, listening to The Dropout podcast

Watching Dead to Me on Netflix --Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini at their finest.

Eating Courier's Strawberry Haystack salad!” — Jordan Laudadio

“Reading dis and it's blowing my mind.” — Erica Younkin

“Watching Gentleman Jack and Project Runway… eating lots of homemade date balls!” —Jamie Winter

“Eat: It's grilling season, bitches. So basically I just take an ingredient, douse it in some oil and s+p, and throw it on a hot grill. Also banana "nice cream" bc summer bods. Read: Just ordered Essentialism and The Gifts of Imperfection. All the self help. Will report back on how my self is feeling. Watch: OMG "LUNATICS" AND "I THINK YOU SHOULD LEAVE WITH TIM ROBINSON" - both on Netflix. And both required all caps because they are hilar. (Helps if you're high, TBH)—Aubrey Gordon

“Eating: homemade wingzzzz. Watching: dead to me. Reading: Bad Blood (thanks, jla!)”—Sarah Duffy

“Strawberry rhubarb pie, the new season of Fleabag, and re-reading The Overstory (it feels very relevant right now, and shows the secret, equally emotional and important lives of trees) for a contemporary lit class I'm taking this summer.”  —Sam Alviani

“Watching Chernobyl (with one hand over my eyes - it is sometimes HARD TO WATCH. Reading Flight Behavior by my girl Barbara Kingsolver. Eating wedding cake at wedding basically every weekend all summer - tis the damn season!” —Kate Miller