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EAT/WATCH/READ: July Edition

July 16, 2019

It’s the dog-days of summer, AKA the 6 week period where, instead of soaking up pool time and going for hikes like you thought you’d be doing, you’re holed up in front of your air conditioning slapping FaceApp filters on photos of you and all your friends. Just me? Cool, cool. 

All that down time, though, also means more reading and watching. We’ve added our read/watch recommendations for July, along with some food for good measure.

“I’m pleasure-reading Women Who Run With The Wolves, and it is phenomenal.  I'm eating dining hall food and alllll the Vermont cheeses.” —Sam Alviani, PR Strategist

“Watching Fleabag (obviously) and  Room To Improve with Irish architect, Dermot Bannon. #homegoals.” —Erica Younkin, Social Media Strategist

“Eating Dio Mio erryday even though its 100 million degrees but the pasta is so good. My favorite restaurant in Denver. For ever and ever. Cooking THIS. Watch:  V excited about the return of Stranger Things. Have also watched Black Panther 18 times because that's what you do when your child is out of school and you need to entertain them but are too tired to play all the sports.” —Aubrey Gordon, President & Founder

“Watching Alternatino and Fleabag (Team #HotPriest for life!!!!!!!!!); Reading Frida by Barbara Mujica. And eating everything with some Bitchin’ Sauce on top.” —Kate Moser Miller, Director of Operations

“Reading The Italians by John Hooper.  Eating the Breakfast Burrito at DC/AM at the Ramble Hotel. In fact, I eat it on a weekly basis. Watching: BIG. LITTLE. LIES.” —Jordan Laudadio, Director of Integrated Communications

“Reading The Alice Network!” —Katie Bonneau, PR Strategist

“Eating THIS - IT IS TO DIE FOR and so easy to make. Watching Big Little Lies season 2 and Euphoria. Reading Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine (Gail Honeyman), Becoming (The Kween), The Underground Railroad (Colson Whitehead), The Art Forger (Barbara Shapiro) My goal is to read 40 books this year, I am on #22 now.” —Ginna Cannon, PR Strategist