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We kinda already knew this, but: Instagram > other channels

July 11, 2019

Show of hands: who ends most nights with a little Instagram time? And whose morning routine is wake up-->check email→ open Instagram? Sure, it’s decidedly not great for our mental health, but the practically universal Instagram usage means we allllll know just how much sway Instagram holds over us when it comes to purchasing decisions and exposure to new brands. 

All that is to say that we all kinda knew this already, but now there's proof: Instagram is the most valuable social media channel for brands, according to Famemass

As we mentioned last week, we think engagement is a crucial metric to gauge an influencer’s value. And this data points to Instagram as the channel with the highest engagement - 10 times higher than any other social platform. 

What else can we learn from this data? 

  • If your target audience is millennials and Gen Zers, do it on the ‘Gram. 59% of users are 18-29, and 33% are 30-49. AKA a whopping 92% of Instagram users are in one of those desirable-to-marketers age brackets. 
  • Stories are $$$. 500 million Instagram accounts use Instagram Stories every day - so it is incumbent on brands to engage with followers via Stories.
  • Videos aren’t king on Instagram. Despite the prevalence and importance of videos on other channels, on Instagram, organic photos receive 36% more likes than videos. But when it comes to sponsored content, videos do perform better, receiving 3 times the comments that sponsored photos receive. What does that mean for brands? Keep investing in video for the sake of your Instagram ad strategy, but keep in mind that photo content matters too. 
  • At 53 million likes, Instagram’s most-liked photo is of an egg, which makes the case for brands to create plenty of egg content. JK. Don’t do that.