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Sprocket's favorite appropriate-for-client gifts

December 6, 2019

Can we acknowledge that holiday ads are deeply stressful? 

Since well before Black Friday, we’ve been inundated with images of happy shoppers, buying gifts for everyone on their lists, faces filled with joy and the satisfaction of finding the perfect present.

But that image is so, so far from our own frazzled existence of clicking between 30 open tabs, deciding what to get for everybody on our list. 

Add to that that even for natural gift-givers, gifting for clients can be a challenge. You don’t want to make the gift overly complicated or expensive; you want it to be something they’ll use or consume; you don’t want it to simply be a vessel for your company logo. 

And, of course, every client relationship is different, and a gift that would be acceptable and hilarious to one client might be a litttttle awk if gifted to another. And so now, with two weeks left, we’re telling you about some of our favorite, most client-friendly gifts, in case your 2019 resolution to start planning ahead didn’t really pan out. 

For everybody: Mouth. We’ve been gifting Mouth to Sprocket clients for years. It really has something for everyone: those with overactive sweet tooths (sweet teeth?); those who prefer savory snacks; those who want to get a little boozed up for the holidays; those who are on the hot chocolate train for the entire holiday season. And there are options at various price points—so, while of course no agency has favorite clients, you can certainly take your gifting up a notch for some.

For your “hippie-Type A” hybrid client: A planner from Native Bear. Members of our team use these planners religiously. The planners feature plenty of space for notes, asks questions that help track up to larger monthly and annual goals, and, for those of us who are a little ~*~out there~*~, includes the moon phases. 

For your client whose 2020 resolution is to let loose: A gift card to an upscale karaoke bar like Voicebox. We’re huge fans of Voicebox’s private karaoke rooms, which allow singers to belt it out in a more private room, with only their friends to hear them miss the high notes.

For your client whose devices are always dead: This Jackery PowerBar. It can recharge their iPhone 5 times before needing to be charged, it’s small, and it will save you the trouble of having to let them look over your shoulder during meetings. 

For your most charitable client: the charity of their choice. Donating to a charity in the name of your client can be a touching reminder that you care, and that you’re partners with their client in their efforts to make the world better. Plus, it will make them feel better than the sugar rush they’ll get from a holiday candy basket. This isn’t the go-to gift for every client, but is a fantastic gift for the right client.