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Stuff We Love: Ceramics

April 29, 2019

At Sprocket, we like to say we live and breathe PR and social media. We’re a PR agency, after all, and as such, we stay on top of trends and new tactics and ways of doing.

But really, “live and breathe” is a little intense. And outside of our work in PR, social media, and influencer relations, we’ve got hobbies and interests like everybody else.

One interest that many of us have in common—realized after watching various members of our team look at the bottom of a plate or a vase—is that we all are pretty into ceramics.

Ceramics, like so many beautiful things, are having quite a moment on Instagram—we’d highly recommend following #ceramics.

So which brands do our teams have heart-eyes for? Read on.

Kate Miller: “I am obsessed with @helen_levi; I especially love her Desert line. A ceramic-making friend of mine said Levi’s work is super interesting because she gets all the clay to shrink at the same rate—I’m not sure what that means, but she is LEGIT. I also love @maggieboydceramics, whose work has a definitively feminist feel (AKA depictions of women on their periods). It rules! Other faves: @wolfceramics + @veakceramics.”

Aubrey Gordon: “Obsessed with Hasami (@official_hasamiporcelain)—it’s v austere and traditional Japanese-y. I s’pose this is #ceramicsadjacent, but one day I'd like to switch out my plateware for @yearandday.”

Jordan Laudadio: “Ah, there are a couple LA shops I really like: @still_life_ceramics and @humbleceramics!”

What ceramics brands are we missing?