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#StuffWeLove: Tomato season

August 22, 2019

It’s the time of summer right before we collectively start saying “I’m so ready for fall”—when the last gasps of people’s summer trips are lighting up our Instagrams, we're wearing crop tops everywhere (even to meetings), and our Farmer’s Market produce is bangin’. It’s late summer, which, to this writer, primarily means tomato season.

As such, we’ve rounded up our favorite late-summer recipes—mostly starring our main squeeze, tomatoes, plus one featuring peaches, our side chick. 

  • This tomato galette from Bon Appetit. I mean, DAMN. The pic in the recipe is even sexier, somehow. And we fully endorse BA’s assertion that this galette could serve 8 or, more reasonably, just one. After all, crop top season is nearing its end, so sweaters will soon cover our galette-induced belly. 
  • Our fave restaurant account ever, New Orlean’s Turkey and the Wolf, had heirloom tomato sandwiches on the menu last week. Looks like a triple-decker of Texas toast, pepitas, mayo (Duke’s, undoubtedly)...everything we want in a mid-August lunch. 
  • More tomatoes? Duh. This time it’s Denver-based blogger Oh Lady Cake’s husband’s focaccia bread. Tomatoes, rosemary, flaky sea salt….game over. 
  • This time, our tomatoes come in the form of a bean and tomato salad, a Bon App recipe that a BA staffer threw together. *Extra points* for that perfect sprinkle of herbs on top.
  • Too many tomatoes? Trick question, there’s no such thing. But for dessert, we’re switching it up. Check this peach galette with baklava-like filling from A Cozy Kitchen. 
  • BONUS: we highly recommend checking #tomatoes on Insta. Just saying.