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5 quick-ish things to help PR and SM agencies close out 2019

November 13, 2019

There is a lull, often, in the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The daily work of agency operations and PR and Social Media management can be overshadowed by gift-buying, by the impending company holiday party, and general under-productivity. So while, yes, we still have a month of 2019, we all know that the Productivity Dip curbs all of our grand plans for ending the year on top of things. 

But we implore you (/ ourselves) to do these five tasks before you check out for the holidays, and you’ll enter the new year feeling ~*~READY~*~. 

  • Review your 2019 stats. The details are in the data! By reviewing your data for the end-of-year before January, you’re entering a new year (and, ahem, a new decade) informed with the info you’ll need to execute your strategy. It will also allow you to be honest with yourself about where you stand, both with client work and with larger agency issues like finances. Yes, data can be scary, especially if you didn’t meet the goals you’d set for 2019, but it’s always better to be informed than do the proverbial *ear plug* “LALALALA”. 
  • Build a company-wide strategy. This is the biggest undertaking on this list. You’ll already be creating strategies for clients’ PR and Social Media campaigns in the new year. Consider your own agency a client, and build a strategy that will help tell your story on your owned channels, like social media, as well as PR efforts.
  • Gather your team for a legit work session. In our opinion, this should be a two-parter. The first part happens before the new year, and allows for your employees to ruminate on 2019 in their role and the company writ large. Then, schedule another leadership team meeting for the first week of January, when you can harness that ‘new year, new me’ energy to get your team thinking about how to build and expand into the new year. 
  • Identify a list of companies you want to target for new business efforts in 2020. If you’re on the receiving end of inquiries about new business, you know that there can a spurt of interest around the holidays as brands get their budgets together for the new  year. Capitalize on that by collecting a list of brands you’d love to work with, and reach out to them. Maybe they’re settling on their new year budget, and a serendipitously-timed email could get them thinking about how to expand their social media and PR reach in 2020. 
  • Set that away message! Truly checking out of your inbox and work life, and checking in with family, friends, and yourself over the holidays will leave you refreshed and ready to take on the new year. So set your away message and promise not to guilt trip yourself for ignoring any end-of-year emails that come through. 

You think you can handle it?