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The Sprocket Team's Fall ~Lewks~

September 19, 2019

We are mere days away from the official start of fall. In our dreams, that means chunky knits, hats, and boots of every style. In reality, in Colorado, it usually means long-er pants with short sleeves or less, because the hot, hot sun won’t stop beating down. I

Nevertheless, to get ourselves in the spirit, we asked Team Sprocket what fall lewks they’re going for this season. Here’s what they had to say. 

Sarah Duffy: Me for fall - 1 part biz, 1 part casj with a dash of cowboy. 

Sam Alviani: Baggy summer linens are moving through summer right into fall because fuck it, I don’t care! Also: hair pearls (not really, but in my dreams)

Kate Moser Miller: Monochrome errything, in every color. Rihanna did it, so it's very, very allowed.

Jordan Laudadio: I'm all about a non-skinny jean for fall. My lewk is still jeans (that's my go-to) but updated silhouettes: kick flares, boot cut, etc. Big pant energy.

Aubrey Gordon: Probably the usual: jeans, sweaters and booties, though I hope to kick it up a notch with a blazer. Really livin' on the edge over here.

What's your look for fall?