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what’s next in 2019? team sprocket predicts

December 12, 2018

One of this blog author’s favorite political podcasts, Pod Save America, repeats often that its hosts are no longer in the prediction business. They bet wrong in the 2016 election and have given up political prophecies altogether.

We feel that. (For the record, we bet wrong in 2016, too.) But given that the stakes of predicting PR and social media trends is just a bit lower than high-profile pundits guessing wrong, we’ve decided it’s safe for us to make a few predictions for 2019.

What do we think is coming down the pike? More AI, less Facebook (or so we hope!). Read on for the full scoop.

“I definitely think more quality editorial and attention to narrative in PR campaigns, similar to social media storytelling. It feels like more consumers are engaging with personal brand stories when they’re framed that way: as stories, and not campaigns. I’ve shifted this way in my own approach to PR writing and pitching.” —Sam Alviani

“Nanoinfluencers are the FUTURE. Also, I heard that teens are super into the photo app VSCO and are treating it as a social media platform.” — Jordan Laudadio

“I think people would like to say they will use Facebook less, and maybe they will use it less, but ultimately even those who deleted the app are reinstalling. Honestly, I don’t see any sign of mass leaving in any clients data. I do see a lot of strength in Instagram though. I also hear that Facebook is in serious data trouble again, but I think that most people will just ignore it.” — Emily Loss

“Snapchat, LinkedIn, and Reddit taking share from Facebook.” —Erica Younkin

“We’ve heard a lot in 2018 about the rise of AI, and it’s only going to continue gaining ground. I also think PR will start to include longer-form, sponsored content.” — Aubrey Gordon