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Vibrant is an online company selling body-safe sex toys with proceeds benefiting Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains—basically, sex toys for the health-conscious and sex positive. Sprocket was hired to use PR to drive awareness and sales of the burgeoning platform. 

The Challenge

Vibrant’s no-bullshit approach to sex means its executive team is down to talk about the uncomfortable or typically taboo topics. But, one challenge to telling the Vibrant story is that the brand doesn’t create any of its own products, making it a bit difficult to differentiate from other sex-positive sex toy companies. 

"The team at Sprocket Communications has been instrumental to the growth and success of Vibrant.  I am extremely satisfied with the level of  professionalism, creativity and detail that has been shown by everyone at Sprocket and consider them my partners in building my business and brand."

Angela Wells

Founder, President & CEO 

The Solution

Sprocket knew we had to create owned events and campaigns that would set Vibrant apart from other companies selling similar products. Cue Orgasm Day, a female pleasure workshop led by Vibrant’s resident sexologist, Dr. Laura Deitsch, aka Dr. Shameless. Did we mention that the first 20 people in line got a free vibrator? 

Sprocket also focused heavily on making the Vibrant team the go-to sexperts for media who want the honest truth, no matter how stigmatized the subject. Sprocket pitched topics ranging from fairly tame (‘how to keep the spark alive with a long-term partner’) to the provocative (‘pre-bating is a thing—and it actually works’. If you’re unfamiliar with pre-bating, read up here.) Being an online platform, Vibrant’s audience is anywhere in the U.S.—so Sprocket pitched outlets local to Colorado as well as national media.

The Results

A man furiously took notes in the front row of the Orgasm Day workshop, so that’s clearly a win. By the numbers, the event was sold out at 150 people; Sprocket earned 17 Orgasm Day media placements—including one titled ‘I attended an orgasm workshop with my husband, and it worked wonders’; and sales at the event averaged $39 a minute. 

Oh, and social media engagement for the month was up more than 40% on Facebook and 280% on Instagram. Web traffic was boosted in a big way, too—up 63% for the six weeks preceding the event. The success of Orgasm Day validated Sprocket’s owned event approach, and Sprocket is now prepping outreach for an Anal August public relations campaign. 

More broadly, Sprocket has landed more than 47 pieces of coverage in nine months, in outlets like Refinery29, Bustle, HelloGiggles, SWAAY, Buzzfeed, Scary Mommy, Her Campus and That coverage has resulted in 32 backlinks to the Vibrant site—crucial in boosting Vibrant’s position in online searches. When the Scary Mommy article hit, Vibrant reported a high amount of referral traffic from the article, plus 16 conversions in less than three hours.

The Vibrant landed more than 47 pieces of coverage in nine months, in outlets like Refinery29, Bustle, HelloGiggles, SWAAY, Buzzfeed, Scary Mommy, Her Campus and

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