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Allegro Coffee Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Whole Foods, celebrated its 40th Anniversary in 2017. As one of the pioneers of the premier coffee movement, Allegro was looking for a way to share its deep history and sourcing stories while continuing to make its products front-of-mind for coffee and tea consumers. 

The Challenge

Even with the timely story of Allegro’s anniversary celebration, Sprocket faced a challenge in differentiating Allegro in a crowded coffee marketplace.

"The Sprockettes are basically Michael Jordan and the USA Dream Team from the ’92 Olympics. Their depth and breadth of communications expertise they bring has tremendously elevated our brands, both through our own channels and through earned media. Since working with Sprocket, they’ve helped us refine our voice and build clear communications strategies, and we’ve watched our brand recognition, reach and engagement double, then triple, and it keeps climbing. They have become my right hand (wo-)men, and have developed a deep understanding of our objectives and honestly, I feel like we can finish each others’ sentences at this point. Plus, they are total badass bitches."


The Solution

Sprocket began working with Allegro in 2015, first tasked with extending the reach and amplifying its quarterly promotions. We worked closely with its creative team to devise hashtag strategies, giveaways and messaging that matched the promoted products and the look and feel of its in-store displays. After several quarters of creating content specific to these promotions, collectively we realized there was a larger story to tell. 

Though many consumers are familiar with Allegro and can spot its packages on the shelves of Whole Foods, not many know its rich history in coffee and tea, its dedication to global sourcing and fervent promotion of female growers. Sprocket considered these topics as conversation pillars, layering in messaging about Allegro’s background and expertise among beautiful images of place and beans. 

Similarly, Sprocket leveraged Allegro’s growth and expertise to land press coverage around expansion of its cafes, Allegro Coffee Roasters, across the country. In each market, we hosted tours for media, influencers and community members, introducing them to the team and educating them about the specific roasts through cuppings. Not only did Sprocket garner substantial media in these key markets, it also reinforced Allegro’s positioning as an industry leader.

The Results

Sprocket delivered press hits both in Allegro’s hometown market as well as in national consumer publications and trade media, including Refinery29, Cosmopolitan, Imbibe Magazine, Fresh Cup Magazine and the Tea and Coffee Trade Journal, among others. 

For its social media channels, Facebook followers grew 252% in one year alone, with Instagram tracking along at 48% year-over-year growth. The Allegro team has been so pleased with this performance, Sprocket now manages the social channels for Allegro in the United Kingdom.

Allegro received coverage from trade media companies such as Refinery29, Cosmopolitan, Imbibe Magazine, Fresh Cup Magazine and the Tea and Coffee Trade Journal.

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