We work with the best and the brightest. 

Aubrey’s vice’s include

Makeover shows, ice cream, athleisure.

Aubrey Gordon


Kate’s vice’s include

Sugar in every form, political Twitter, negronis galore.

Kate Miller

Director of Operations

Abby’s vice’s include

Dark chocolate anything, binge watching shows, WINE.

Abby Hagstrom

PR Strategist

Jordan’s vice’s include

Bloody Marys, true crime documentaries and the occasional Spicy McChicken.

Jordan Laudadio

Director of Integrated Communications

Gina’s vice’s include

Netflix binging, sweets of any kind, manis/pedis, scrolling endless newsfeeds.

Gina Cannon

PR Strategist

Courtney’s vice’s include

Happy Hour—whether it be on a patio, my kitchen, backyard or on a mountainside, I love a stiff drink at 5pm.

Courtney Lis

PR Strategist

Katie’s vice’s include

Ranch dressing on everything, Patriots fanatic, dogs above humans.

Katie Bonneau

PR Strategist

Robin’s vice’s include

Chocolate and red wine …. Because they both make me sneeze, and I don’t care.

Robin Zimmerman

PR Strategist

Sam’s vice’s include

Sugar and Vermont cheese.

Sam Alviani

PR Strategist

Erica’s vice’s include

British talk shows, hot tubs, champagne, all at the same time.

Erica Younkin

Digital Strategist

Jamie’s vice’s include

Almond milk lattes and binge-worthy TV.

Jamie Winter

PR Strategist